SOLC#31 Pencils

I can’t do sad goodbyes, so I will talk about this. Starting this challenge, I was in it for a prize. I was determined and have pulled through, and today is the last day. Since starting, I have almost gotten used to the daily steps of food, school, blog, home. Now, at the end, I will push out the most sentimental thing I can. I might not kill myself if I get a pencil as a reward. See you never or later, DaGirlySchoolStuff.

































SOLC#30 Premium Rare

The day had come where we got our premium rare ticket on my favorite game Cocoppa play, and I was excited. Until now. I used the ticket on a certain gacha, and was awaiting my beautiful rare eyes, until I clicked play. And got. A stage with food on it. Normally I would have been ecstatic but this was my rare ticket, a guarantee to get a good item, and I definitely wasn’t hoping for this one. Boooo!


Let’s get this out of the way… I have extreme allergies! I used to take 2 different pills a day, and STILL had to wipe my eyes on my sleeve every five minutes! That’s where UIL comes in. Currently, We are in the prime of allergy season, and can’t wait for the eye of the storm, but sadly, yesterday was not a good day when it comes to my weird allergies! The entire performance, I was SO embarrassed, because I was practically crying in front of the judges, and after every song, I had to wipe my eyes on my sleeve! It messed with my focus a lot, and I hope I didn’t mess up to bad because of it!