Let’s get this out of the way… I have extreme allergies! I used to take 2 different pills a day, and STILL had to wipe my eyes on my sleeve every five minutes! That’s where UIL comes in. Currently, We are in the prime of allergy season, and can’t wait for the eye of the storm, but sadly, yesterday was not a good day when it comes to my weird allergies! The entire performance, I was SO embarrassed, because I was practically crying in front of the judges, and after every song, I had to wipe my eyes on my sleeve! It messed with my focus a lot, and I hope I didn’t mess up to bad because of it!

SOLC#2 The BadBad Day

Today was not a fun day. Many things happened, including More Duolingo in French due to a lack of teacher, and today we were allowed to buy phone free time in the cafeteria, but I forgot my money,But mostly, someone pushed me down the stairs and broke my Chromebook! As of this moment I’m typing on some old laptop that belongs more is the Dallas Museum Of Art than it does in this classroom! Anyways, I’m stuck with this for a few days, and it’s better than nothing!……And now I feel bad knowing I’m complaining about something most school children would go as far as to create a petition to get!